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Chairman Speech

Chairman’s Speech in New Year’s Day

In 2011, the global economic crisis appeared and our company met challenges.The ship repair price dropped greatly due to the recession of the shipping market, which caused many ship repair enterprises get in trouble.

In this situation, our company overcame difficulties and tided over the difficult period with passion. Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. We are not fear of making mistakes, correct mistakes and believe the current mistake will become the foundation of brilliance in the future.

The character of a hero shows in case of political chaos and social turbulence. Overcoming difficulties proves that our staff team is united, competitive and excellent. Thereby, on behalf of the board of directors, please allow me to express our sincere thanks to all staff and new and old customers. We will never forget the friends and partners who have accompanied our company in the process of development no matter how strong our company will become!

In the New Year, we are full of pride and enthusiasm. Firstly we meet the increasingly fierce financial crisis seriously, change the factory mechanism, improve management and meet the demands of market economy and customers. The national leaders also emphasized on different occasions that “Confidence is more important than gold”, and “The confidence of leaders and staff is very important in face of the financial and economic crisis”. By virtue of the huge market potential, rich human resources, independent innovation capability and favorable policies in China, the cooperation of new and old customers as well as the joint efforts of all staff, we will overcome the crisis and revive the enterprises’ confidence in economic development. There are challenges as well as opportunities in face of crisis. The crisis is not horrible, but the enterprise will be in a disadvantageous position in case of no preparation. Our company will face the challenge, make benefits by cost control, occupy the market by quality guarantee, obtain the new development power through the control of the production cost, reduce the operation cost through the innovation of the management system, and create the new market space through the product innovation. “The cost control and quality guarantee are the foundation that we overcome difficulties”, which is a slogan as well as progress.

Our company looks forward to a better future in spite of the unfavorable condition. Find the opportunity, grasp the opportunity and take the opportunity. The crisis and opportunity coexist. We’re full of confidence in the ship transportation industry in the future. The ship transportation industry is influenced by the global economic crisis. A reshuffle of the enterprises in the industry is realized in the time of economic turbulence. The enterprise adapts to the changing environment, copes with the changes calmly, takes pressure, and stands the test, thereby achieving transformation and creating a stronger enterprise!

In 2012, we will make reforms, overcome the barriers of the global economic crisis and create a new world with passion!

Wish all staff and partners a happy family, good health, smooth work, great wealth, and happy New Year!

Chairman:Yu Yonghua Zhoushan Ligang Ship Repair & Building Co., Ltd.